The other day while watching television, a commercial jumped out at me. It was the Jeep Grand Cherokee commercial based on the theme, “The things we make, make us”. The Jeep commercial expounded on “What makes us Americans are the things we make. We were once a country that made things, it is again”. Wow! The funny thing about the commercial is that it implies that America does not make things anymore. It is all about perception.

The reality is that the United States is the largest manufacturer in the world accounting for 20% of the worlds manufacturing output. The United States manufactures almost twice as much as China, double what Japan makes and almost three times what is produced in Germany.  In addition, exports are so important for the growth of the U.S. economy that President Obama took action to support his goal for doubling U.S. exports in five years by signing an executive order to “Marshall the full resources of the United states government behind American businesses that sell their goods and services abroad” under his national export initiative.

Based upon the manufacturing facts every U.S. manufacturer is busy right? Wrong. What Innovate Technologies Inc. sees everyday is a huge disparity between the “haves and have-nots” in manufacturing. In other words, we are seeing companies that are struggling for day to day survival or we are seeing companies that are busy and doing extremely well with lead times of up to six months. The reality is that these busy, profitable companies keep investing in manufacturing technology and sales support to become even stronger. The facts are that manufacturing is a technology driven sector and that reinvestment is an absolute necessity for survival in the long run. Companies striving towards lean manufacturing, more efficient technologies to manufacturing something, shorter lead times, better quality and better sales support continue to separate themselves from the competition both in domestic markets and international markets.

Our goal at Innovate Technologies Inc. is a simple one: To offer the most reliable, affordable and technologically advanced machine tool technology and manufacturing solutions available today. We are proud to help the United States continue to be a nation of producers.


Joe Talarczyk