2019 Mitsubishi MV4800 Wire EDM Machine

Clifty Engineering: Winning With Mitsubishi EDM

Clifty Engineering was founded in 1961 as a design, build and repair shop for metal stamping dies. Today, this remains the core of their business with focus in the automotive and home appliance industries. Over the years Clifty has continued to grow in all aspects of manufacturing to ensure they have the technology to surpass their competition. Their most recent machinery upgrade is a new Mitsubishi MV1200-R Wire EDM. The significant performance advantages of the MV1200-R as well as the high level of service and support Mitsubishi and Innovate Technologies, Inc. offers simplified the decision to partner with Mitsubishi EDM. Clifty Engineering plans to add another Mitsubishi MV1200-R Wire EDM to their EDM department in the very near future.

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