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CPG - Consumable Products Group

Mitsubishi’s Consumable Products Group (CPG) stocks and delivers top grade OEM consumables for EDM, Laser, and Roku-Roku machining centers – all designed for maximum performance on the machines you own. We offer the most competitive pricing across an extensive inventory of consumables and service that’s unrivaled in the industry. Our dedicated inside sales technicians can tell you the optimal products for your equipment. They know from experience, and from extensive testing conducted during product development. Our products are guaranteed to perform on the machines you own because they were developed on them.

OEM Quality Means Maximum Productivity

Mitsubishi OEM EDM Wire

Faster Cutting

  Less Wire Breakage

Lower Wire Consumption

Generic Brands Can’t Compete

CPG Brass EDM Wire

Mitsubishi VAN-TG EDM Wire

Van-TG Premium Brass NP Wire

Brass wire specially designed for Mitsubishi machines

  • Consistent straightness insures threading
  • Extremely clean made in Japan wire
  • Recommended for cuts up to 10 degrees

Mitsubishi VAN-TG EDM Wire

Van-TG EC Hard Brass Wire

Excellent alternative to the premium brass wire

  • Paraffin-free brass EDM wire
  • Consistent straightness insures threading

Mitsubishi OEM EDM Wire


Premium Hard Brass Wire

OKI Brass EDM Wire


This wire is the basic type in the series. It is available in two types, hard (P type) and soft (B type). This wire exhibits maximum EDM performance in a general-purpose, standard grade, or other wire EDM machines.

  • The wire diameter is controlled and manufactured to a tolerance of +/-0.001mm
  • Stable mechanical and electrical characteristics are guaranteed as a result of our unique heat treatment technology
  • Has excellent straightness to facilitate automatic threading
  • Uses high purity material containing minimal impurities
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CPG Specialty EDM Wire

CPG Express EDM Wire

CPG Express

Zinc Coated Wire

Euro-Cut EDM Wire

Euro Cut X

Stratified Wire for Charmilles

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