CPG - EDM Drilling Consumables

EDM Drilling Consumables

Mitsubishi’s Consumable Products Group (CPG) stocks and delivers top grade OEM consumables for EDM, Laser, Waterjet and Roku-Roku machining centers – all designed for maximum performance on the machines you own. We offer the most competitive pricing across an extensive inventory of consumables and service that’s unrivaled in the industry. Our dedicated inside sales technicians can tell you the optimal products for your equipment. They know from experience, and from extensive testing conducted during product development. Our products are guaranteed to perform on the machines you own because they were developed on them.

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CPG EDM Drilling Consumables

hole popper electrodes

Copper Tubing

Copper has better EDM wear resistance than brass, but is more difficult to machine than either brass or graphite. Copper is also more expensive than graphite. Copper is useful in the EDM machining of tungsten carbide, or in applications requiring a fine finish.

hole popper electrodes

Copper Tungsten Tubing

Copper tungsten materials are composites of tungsten and copper. They are produced using powder metallurgy processes. Copper tungsten is very expensive compared to other electrode materials, but useful in making deep slots under poor flushing conditions, and in EDM machining of tungsten carbide. Copper tungsten materials are also used in resistance welding electrodes and some circuit breaker applications.

hole popper electrodes

Brass Tubing

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Brass materials are used to form EDM wire and small tubular electrodes. Brass does not wear as well as copper or tungsten, but is much easier to machine and can be die-cast or extruded for specialized applications. EDM wire does not need to provide EDM wear or arc erosion resistance since new wire is fed continuously during the EDM wiring cutting process.

EDM Drill Guides

EDM Drill Guides

Matching guides are available for all sizes of tubing.

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