INNOVATE Technologies Inc.
25th Anniversary Celebration

On May 4th, Innovate Technologies, Inc. will be having a 25th Anniversary celebration at Mitsubishi EDM in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

Innovate Technologies, Inc. also will be presenting awards to our top 25 customers in Illinois and Indiana. For the grand finale we will be drawing four lucky winners for vacations for two to some incredible destinations.

Everyone that attends the 25th Anniversary celebration and is present during the drawing has an opportunity to win.

Stay tuned for more exciting details in the near future.

Innovate & MC

Left: Joe Talarczyk, President of Innovate Technologies Inc.  Center: Bill Isaac, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing for MC Machinery.  Right: Tony Imbrogno, President for MC Machinery.  (Picture taken at IMTS 2022)

We will be showing all our customers the newest Mitsubishi EDM technology, OPS/Ingersoll EDM and Milling technology as well as Roku-Roku High Speed Milling technology.

Mitsubishi will be conducting a series of technical seminars throughout the day to give you valuable insight on improving your productivity.

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Innovate Technologies, Inc. 25th Anniversary

By: Joe Talarczyk, President

It is hard to believe that Innovate Technologies, Inc. is a quarter of a century old. I’m not one to get personal about myself, but I will be 82 years old when our 50th Anniversary rolls around so I better say what I have to say now and give thanks to the people that deserve it.

How I first got into the world of machine tool sales was out of necessity. My wife Kimberly and I had our first child when I was 21 years old. We were living in Madison, Wisconsin and both were attending University of Wisconsin. With student loans piling up and our son to support, I did my best working at night and going to school full time during the day.

But even then, we were not able to make ends meet. Since the University of Wisconsin did not offer night school at the time, I found a university in Madison called Upper Iowa University where I was able to complete my final year of college and work full time during the day. Set with a Bachelor of Science Business Administration and Marketing degree, we moved to the Chicagoland area because of better job opportunities.

Right away, I took a job selling machine tools. Like 99% of America, I didn’t even know this industry existed but quickly fell in love with the job. That evolved into me starting my own machine tool distribution company with a slight pause when I went to work for a large medical manufacturing company who ended up being one of my largest customers and is still today.

In 2003, I joined Mitsubishi EDM as their exclusive distributor in Illinois. I saw firsthand how different the company was when I worked at the large medical company because they ran older Mitsubishi EDMs and the quality of the service and support Mitsubishi provided was second to none. I was also impressed with Bill Isaac, the senior VP of Sales and Marketing for Mitsubishi. Bill Isaac has a reputation of integrity in the machine tool industry that sorely lacked that trait. Still after all these years of doing business with Mitsubishi, Bill Isaac has always done the right thing even when no one else is looking. The success of Mitsubishi EDM is also the stability of the top management. Since I have been with Mitsubishi, three senior management people have been there all along. Bill Isaac (Sales), Tony Imbrogno (Service, and now the new President of MC Machinery/Mitsubishi EDM) and Lou Clifford (Consumables, used equipment and Logistics). All three are amazing to work with, great at what they do and in my opinion is why Mitsubishi EDM is the company it is today. The list of great people at Mitsubishi is too large to list but there are many, many, people at Mitsubishi EDM that contribute to make it such an incredible organization.

Four years ago, Innovate Technologies, Inc. began selling and servicing the made in the USA OMAX waterjet line. The market leading OMAX waterjet line complimented the market leading Mitsubishi EDM line perfectly. Like Mitsubishi EDM, the OMAX machine technology and support they offer is unmatched in the waterjet machine tool sector and we are proud to represent them. Innovate Technologies, Inc. has always taken pride in what we sell to our customers and will never represent anything that is not considered one of the best. Innovate technologies, Inc. also sells the precision Roku-Roku High Speed Machining Centers, the OPS/Ingersoll EDM and High Speed Machining Centers and the Mitsui precision grinders to complete our comprehensive portfolio.

Today, Innovate Technologies, Inc. distributes the Mitsubishi EDM product line exclusively in Illinois and Indiana and the OMAX product line exclusively in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. In the 25 years we have been in business, Innovate Technologies, Inc. has sold over 1,277 machine tools to our customers representing over $284,000,000 in sales of machine tools and consumables. We could never had done this without the amazing group of talented people that make up our team. Laura Kvasnicka, Jeff Ford, Sean Altergott, and Ed Holmes provide the foundation that keeps us supporting our customers. I am also excited to have both my sons, Sam and Ben starting to work at the company. Hopefully, they find the same passion in this industry that I did. When I started the company, I based the company on the values of integrity and going above and beyond to help our customers. Those values are evident in the hundreds of companies that are repeat customers to Innovate Technologies. Today, we call a lot of our customers friends and they count on us to be true partners to their business success.

For 25 years my biggest respect still goes to my customers. You are the true American success stories. Under ever changing business conditions, and large capital investments of machines tools that cost more than some homes, you take raw material and create something of value. I am still in awe of what you guys/gals do! I’m so grateful to be part of the manufacturing family.

Building this company over 25 years would not have been possible without the incredible support from my wife Kimberly and my kids, Nate, Sam, Emily, and Ben. You are everything to me. Most of all, I want to Thank GOD because without him, none of this would be possible.

Innovate 25th Anniversary Letter