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Jet Elite Machinery


If you could build a new line of high-end metalworking machinery, how would you do it? Where would you start?

A line of machinery so refined, it helps to redefine the standard by which machines are judged? How do you go about building an Icon?

JET’s engineering team started from the ground up and meticulously went part by part through metalworking lathes, mills, and saws and pushed the status quo. With updated features and finetuned internal mechanisms, JET sweated every detail of the manufacturing process.

The result is increased precision needed to hit stricter tolerance guidelines demanded in today’s custom manufacturing settings; durability built into every work surface to do demanding jobs time and time again, and a robust commitment to safety that starts with CSA / UL approved electrics, and continues throughout every part of every machine.

Each of these machines puts a stake in the ground, signaling to the rest of the market that there’s a new standard of excellence, a new Icon in manual machinery.

That icon is JET Elite.

JET Elite Lathes

JET Elite Manual Lathes

What does it mean to be world class?

It means total package engineering; precision, durability and safety that far exceed market standards. Machines with spindle runouts so low it can’t be recorded by most measurement devices; hardening and grinding each gear.

Wider bedways hardened to 70 HRC, Class 7 Spindle bearings, and Turcite-B coatings to ensure parallelism to within 0.0008”. CSA/UL electrics in every lathe with enclosed fully lit splash guards.

It’s the ability to identify the evolving needs of a demanding environment and design machines that surpass those needs. That’s world class.

That ’s Elite.

High precision spindle is machined from forged alloy steel, ground to exact measurements, and dynamically balanced to provide vibration free operation.

Three high precision bearings firmly support the spindle, keeping spindle runout, with gears engaged to a maximum of 0.0004”

Totally enclosed headstock, gearbox and apron have an inner oil reservoir that continuously lubricates moving parts, reducing friction.

Heat treated and precision ground gears in the headstock reduce vibration and deflection.

Seamlessly go back and forth, between four different pitch threads without changing gears. The universal gearbox supports inch, metric, modular, and diametral threads.

A New Breed Of Mills

JET Elite Milling Machines

The backbone of everything this country stands for was made by a man who appreciated fine craftsmanship, almost as much as he honored the opportunity to make a living with his hands.

It’s time for this man, and his mill to make a comeback. The stakes are higher. The margin for error is tighter, and the game has changed. Precision can’t just be an ideal. It has to be a fact. A fact that is so accurate they’ll have to find new ways to measure it.

Balance has to be so dynamic that imbalance is impossible. Auto-lubrication so consistent that maintenance is something to marvel at. These mills have safety features their predecessors could only imagine, and CSA/UL electrics keep the workplace safer than ever before.

The next generation takes the best from the last, and adapts to move forward.

The next generation of mills is JET Elite.

Spindle utilizes class 7210 (P4, ABEL-7) precision angular bearings for the guaranteed industry-leading spindle taper runout of 0.00012″.

Chrome Molybdenum spindle is fully hardened through a carbonizing treatment and is precisely ground to maintain strict tolerances.

Seamless, one-piece, steel quill is induction hardened and chromed for increased strength, and precision ground for greater accuracy.

To improve reliability we went back and did it the old fashioned way. X and Y-axis ways are precisely hand scraped to minimum of 16 points per square inch and are inspected for a precise fit ensuring greater oil retention and smooth movement.

A New Legacy Of Saws

JET Elite Bandsaws

At the heart of every metalworking operation, there are saws. Saws that are being challenged to cut a wider variety of materials in different ways than ever before.

Saws that need to demonstrate new kinds of flexibility, are counted on to last longer, and operate more safely at the same time. Mitering and dual mitering bring an added level of capability.

All saws come standard with variable speed. Table heights have been optimized, and a completely redesigned swing away control panel gives the user a safer and more convenient way to operate the horizontal saws.

These are the most precise, most durable, and safest bandsaws you could ever put in your shop.

They truly are, Elite.

The ELITE swing away panel relocates saw controls to a single location, offering finger-tip operation of the major saw functions.

The variable speed drive system, coupled with a hardened and ground worm drive gear, provides complete blade
speed control for optimized cutting performance.

To reduce user fatigue and increase safety of the American worker we increased the saw bed height up to 32″.

For added safety, the motor and electrics of ELITE saws follow strict guidelines and electrical requirements to be certified by CSA Group.

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