Mitsubishi EDM Revamped

Be a part of history…we want you there!

On April 26, 2012, you are cordially invited to join us at Mitsubishi’s Chicago Headquarters for something BIGGER than you’ve seen before.

We are contacting every Mitsubishi user in the Midwest and trying to get the most Mitsubishi users under one roof in the history of our company.

  • Catered Lunch and Refreshments
  • Mitsubishi Gift Packs for Every Attendee
  • Raffles and Prizes All Day Long
  • Joe Gibbs Racing Memorabilia

For more information, call us at: 1-877-250-1770

When?April 26 & 27, 2012


MC Machinery Systems
1500 Michael Drive
Wood Dale, IL 60191 

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Maybe you have heard, but Something New has arrived from Mitsubishi EDM
Be one of the first to see it live!

A Revolution In Wire EDM Technology!

The MV Series machines will change the way you wire EDM forever

Mitsubishi Wire EDM Machine Model MV2400S

Finally you can get everything you want in one machine.

  • Revolutionary Machine Construction
  • Cylindrical Drive System
  • New Power Supply
  • New Head Design
  • Increased Auto-Threader Capabilities
  • 60% Less Wire Consumption
The MV Series delivers design and engineering improvements to meet or beat the best of the best.

Introducing Cylindrical Drive Technology

Mitsubishi’s Cylindrical Drive System creates a non-contact design using the full 360 degrees of magnetic flux. This design delivers no wear, no cogging (inherent in flat plate systems), and no backlash – all for better energy-efficiency, accuracy, and speed.
Cylindrical Drive Technology - Mitsubishi Wire EDM Machines
We have so much more than just EDM…

Check out our newest product line…
MC Milling – General Purpose Vertical Machining Centers

 MC Milling VMC Model MCV-1000  MC Milling Diamond Cut VMC TV Series
  1. Mitsubishi Control (3 Year Warranty)
  2. Standard Features Include:
    • Easy Touch Workpiece Pickup
    • Rigid Tapping
    • Coordinate Rotation
    • Tool Liffe
    • High Speed Look Ahead
  3. Conventional Programming
  4. CTS Preparation (1000 PSI)
  5. Auto Oiler (Timed)
  6. Oil Separator
  7. Chip Auger
  8. Spindle Chiller
  9. Dual Arm Tool Changer
  10. Mitsubishi Service & Support
  11. In House Financing 5-7 Years
 MC Milling Diamond Cut VMC SV Series  MC Milling - VMCs - Vertical Machining Centers
Mitsubishi EDM Innovate Technologies Inc - Mitsubishi EDM & Waterjet Dealer