Mitsui Hand Feed Grinders

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[heading subtitle=””]MITSUI HAND FEED GRINDERS [/heading]

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[heading subtitle=””]CONSTRUCTION [/heading]

Extremely heavy meahanite castings, internal rib reinforced. Our meahanite casting base uses jack bolts and plates for a 3 point leveling system. Another feature, which is a trademark with the Mitsui Design, is the ease in removal and replacement of key components, providing for “No Hassle” maintenance which translates to minimum down time and cost.

[heading subtitle=””]PRECISION[/heading]

Not all surface grinder manufacturers can attest to precision the way we do. Our cartridge spindle is second to none and REMOVABLE. The carriage/saddle moving on (2) 45 “Vees” combined with the table moving on Linear Ball Bearings make for the repeatability for which MITSUI is known. NO design compromises here.

[heading subtitle=””]DURABILITY[/heading]

Precision by design means little if it can not be maintained. MITSUI provides the durability for this with D-2 hardened and ground steel ways on the table, Carriage/Saddle and even on the column for vertical movement. The linear ball bearings complement the table/carriage union with durability. The cartridge spindle’s lubrication is sealed in for life and the dust sealed out. The Standard Automatic Lubricating System leaves you 1 less task to worry about, as it lubricates ALL vital components automatically to insure minimal wear and friction.