OMAX 160X Series JetMachining Center

X-Y Cutting Travel: 20’ 0” x 13’ 4” to 46’ 8” x 13’ 4” (6,096 mm x 4,064 mm to 14,224 mm x 4,064 mm)
Z-Axis Travel: 8” (203 mm)
Table Size: 21’ 7” x 14’ 9” to 48’ 6” x 14’ 9” (6,579 mm x 4,496 mm to 14,783 mm x 4,496 mm)

Abrasive waterjet machining takes on a new dimension with the OMAX® 160X JetMachining® Center. The newly developed modular 160X Series ensures that, when it comes to cutting area and performance, you get more of both. The modular design tailors the 160X to your specific space requirements, while the exceptional drive system maximizes performance: Intelli-TRAX® drive technology, an innovative system designed for the abrasive waterjet environment, is durable, reliable, and precise. Features such as EnduroMAX® technology and Intelli-MAX® software, along with optional accessories such as the multi-axis A-Jet® and the DualBRIDGE system, all are designed to deliver lower operating costs and increased profits with the 160X JetMachining Center.