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OMAX Parts & Consumables

Innovate Technologies stocks a large supply of spare parts for Omax and Maxiem Waterjets! Recently, we have greatly increased our inventory of Original Omax spare parts. Currently, we have a large stock of Omax mixing tubes, seals, fittings, o-rings, tubing and most commonly required items. When you buy from our locally stocked inventory of Omax parts, you will save time and shipping costs. Our convenient location in the Chicago area enables you to will call, or we can quick ship overnight to your facility.

Parts that we do not have in our inventory can usually be ordered for overnight shipment directly to you! We pride ourselves in great service and support.

OMAX Service & Support

With the constant technical evolution of Waterjet machine tool technology, here at Innovate Technologies we strive for continuous improvement of our service personnel.

Training of our technicians has been given the top priority to ensure we better service our customer’s needs. Our highly capable technicians attend in depth training sessions at the machine tool builder’s hands on sessions and receive certifications for specific diagnostic, troubleshooting and repair procedures.

We have individuals on staff who excel with all aspects of Waterjet repair, including all mechanical, hydraulic and electronic. Being able to provide prompt, dependable and accurate first response diagnostics is essential for the modern production environment.

Our field service technicians work in conjunction with OMAX engineers dedicated to servicing your Waterjet Machines, and ensuring the long term life cycle of your capital investment.

Whether the requirement involves Waterjet machine installation, warranty repair, installation of accessories, or out of warranty repair, we have the expertise to handle the job, quickly and efficiently.

Innovate Technologies provides many preventive maintenance programs that can be tailored to suit each customer’s specific requirements. Please feel free to contact us for further details on the benefits of professional, modern Waterjet maintenance.

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"We promise our customers quality, responsiveness and competitive pricing. Mitsubishi machines provided by Innovate Technologies ensure that we can deliver on this promise."

− Paul Tomac - ABET Industries - La Grange, Illinois

"We partner with Mitsubishi and Innovate Technologies because we know that they share our business philosophy that customer satisfaction is the #1 concern."

− Jay Huser and John Bailey - Creative Machining Concepts - Westfield, Indiana

"We are delivering tools on time and we couldn’t do it without our Mitsubishis and the help from the guys at Innovate Technologies."

− Marty Weigel - Weigel Tool Works - Wood Dale, Illinois

"Mitsubishi has an unbeatable combination of phenomenal equipment matched with phenomenal support. Mitsubishi and Innovate have been partners to Pro Mold’s success."

− David Long - Pro Mold & Die - Roselle, Illinois