Success Stories

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At Innovate, we don’t just sell machines.

We work towards building a trusting relationship with our clients so that we can help advise them on what will be best for their business. But why take our word for it when you can hear what our customers have to say?

That’s the reason most of our customers are repeat buyers.

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ABET Industries Corp. – La Grange, IL


“We promise our customers quality, responsiveness and competitive pricing. Mitsubishi machines provided by Innovate Technologies ensure that we can deliver on this promise.” – Paul Tomac – Plant Manager

ABET Industries Corp. is an EDM Job Shop located in La Grange, Illinois. ABET purchased their first Mitsubishi EDM machines in 2006 – an FA10S Wire EDM and a ED2000NC EDM Drill. Since then, they have acquired three additional Mitsubishi EDMs – an EA12 Sinker, a BA24 Wire and most recently, an FV30 Wire.

Joe Talarczyk, President of Innovate Technologies sat down with Paul Tomac, Plant Manager at ABET Industries Corp to discuss the role Mitsubishi EDM has played in ABET’s success.


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Wiegel Tool Works

[two_thirds_last] Lately, the largest single demand from our customers (with quality being a given) is speed. Wiegel Tool Works now has 7 wire EDM machines working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It is not uncommon to see 120 hours of wire come out of the room per day. Two of our wires are connected to a 3R robot which greatly increased the up time. At first I was skeptical about the benefit of a robot attending a wire, but after talking with Mike and Joe at Innovate Technologies and seeing the performance of one FA20P over a 6 month period all of those fears were put to rest. I was so impressed with the accuracy and productivity of the output that I purchased another Mitsubishi EDM machine five months later. With the advent of solid modeling and the accuracies of the new Mitsubishi EDM’s, the blocks are going together with very little need for doing any bench work. We are delivering tools on time and we couldn’t do it without our Mitsubishi and the help from the guys at Innovate Technologies. – Marty Weigel – Weigel Tool Works – Wood Dale, IL

Aaron Wiegel, President of Wiegel Tool Works was kind enough to share his thoughts on Mitsubishi EDM equipment and what it has meant for his business.


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Tri-Wire Division of Ford Tool

[two_thirds_last]The Tri-Wire Division of Ford Tool provides Wire EDM and Ram EDM machining services to a broad range of customers. Choosing the right EDM equipment is critical to the success of Tri-Wire. That’s why Tri-Wire partnered with Mitsubishi EDM and Joe Talarczyk of Innovate Technologies on the last three EDM equipment purchases. Tri-Wire’s latest acquisition of two Mitsubishi FA20S Wire EDM systems as well as one Mitsubishi FA10S Wire EDM system has given us the best EDM technology to provide to our customers. Mitsubishi not only provides the most technology advanced EDM equipment on the market but also provides superior service and application support. I would highly recommend Mitsubishi and Innovate Technologies to anyone investigating a new EDM purchase. –  Thomas Chustak and Bob Bryer – Ford Tool/Tri Wire – Loves Park, IL [/two_thirds_last]

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Batesville Tool & Die

[two_thirds_last]Batesville Tool & Die purchased a new FA10 and a new FA20 last October 2007. With the addition of these wire machines it has allowed them to eliminate all outside wire work and has increased it’s productivity tremendously! We have totally eliminated our back log on the wire machines and are now “Just In Time”. Toby Walsman (Machining Manager) said “With the addition of these machines we are now doing 100% of our work envelope in house. They have also allowed us not only to keep our production up and running but we are also drawing extra wire work from outside companies. These have been a great addition to our company with positive results. It has been a pleasure working with the Innovate Technologies team of Joe, Terry, and especially Mike who has helped me in every way possible! – Toby Walsman – Batesville Tool & Die – Batesville, IN[/two_thirds_last]

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Pro Mold & Die

[two_thirds_last] Pro Mold & Die runs a number of Mitsubishi Ram EDM’s as well as a Mitsubishi Wire EDM. These machines are extremely productive. Mitsubishi has an unbeatable combination of phenomenal equipment matched with phenomenal support. Mitsubishi and Innovate Technologies  have been a partner to Pro Mold’s success. – David Long – Pro Mold & Die – Roselle, IL[/two_thirds_last]

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Creative Machining Concepts

[two_thirds_last] Creative Machining Concepts was started in December 1995 and the first piece of equipment we purchased was a Mitsubishi CX20 which we still use today. Since that time we have acquired 5 more Mitsubishi EDM’s in all sizes including their largest WEDM with 20” x 30” X 18” travels. Our core business is Wire EDM and we pride ourselves on our expertise, cutting accuracies and on-time delivery. We partner with Mitsubishi and Innovate Technologies because we know that they share our business philosophy that customer satisfaction is the #1 concern. Innovate Technologies has been more than your typical dealer and has done a great job of helping us find solutions that will make our business more successful. – Jay Huser and John Bailey – Creative Machining Concepts – Westfield, IN[/two_thirds_last]

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