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A wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation, MC Machinery Systems has one corporate mission and it is continuous improvement. Since 1979, when we installed our very first Mitsubishi EDM, we have focused on improving our products and services for our customers.

Today our company boasts a complete supply chain of products including:

Wire EDM • Sinker EDM • Holepoppers • Milling • Waterjet

As our company continues to evolve and grow, our focus remains singular. Improving our products, our services and our product portfolio to best support the demands of the American manufacturer. The MC Milling Brand is a general milling line of Vertical Machining Centers and drilling and tapping machines. Our sound infrastructure allows us to expand our product line while keeping our service and application support at the level our customers have come to expect.

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MVC Series

Diamond Cut DM Series VMC

The Ultimate Value Machine

The MCV Series is the ultimate value machine.  A great general purpose machining center featuring an 8,000 RPM Spindle and CAT 40 Tooling.  The MCV performs well in a wide variety of applications including but not limited to  fixtures, mold base and secondary operations.  This machine can also be equipped with a ZF Gearbox, giving it the ability to achieve four times the torque of a standard motor

Machine Travels: X x Y x Z (in) 24.0 x 16.1 x 21.3
Spindle Speed 8,000 RPM
Max. tool weight (lb) 15.4
Cutting feedrate (in/min) 0.04 – 394

DV Series

MC Milling DV Series

General Purpose Machining

The DV Series is built for general purpose machining, featuring a 15,000 RPM Direct Drive Spindle.  This machine can accommodate smaller cutting tools so you can perform more intricate milling work, in addition to your general shop work.  The DV series is a popular machine among job shops because of its performance across a wide range of applications.  Find your competitive advantage with the DV series from MC Milling.

Machine Travels: X x Y x Z (in) 40.2 x 22.0 x 23.6
Spindle Speed 15,000 RPM
Max. tool weight (lb) 13.2
Cutting feedrate (in/min) 0.04 – 394

DM Series

MC Milling VMV DM 1000

For Mold & Die Applications

The DM Series is great in mold and die applications and excels in close tolerance work.  The 20,000 RPM HSK 63 spindle features a more rigid and accurate tooling system with the flexibility to do fine intricate work.  The 32 position automatic tool changer will provide better tool life management and increase the machines productivity.  Complete with linear scales and roller guide-ways the DM series is the machine you want when performance matters most.

Machine Travels: X x Y x Z (in) 31.5 x 17.7 x 21.3
Spindle Speed 20,000 RPM
Max. Tool Weight (lb) 15.4
Cutting feedrate (in/min) 0.04 – 394

SV Series

MC Milling VMC Model SV-1108

Maximum Material Removal

The SV Series is built with a heavy duty box way construction in X,Y and Z axis.   The SV excels in maximum material removal with its ability to handle large tools and bigger parts and with it’s hand scraped Tercite B Way Guides, it will provide years of accuracy and durability.  The stability starts from the ground up with its Meehanite cast iron structure.  Every machine is sent through a rigorous testing sequence to ensure stability over the life of the machine tool.  Enhanced ribs in major construction parts provide the rigidity and stability for heavy duty high speed cutting.

Machine Travels: X x Y x Z (in) 40.2 x 23.6 x 25.0
Spindle Speed 10,000 RPM
Max. tool weight (lb) 15.4
Cutting feedrate (in / min) 0.04 – 315
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