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New Vertical Machining Centers from MC Milling

With a wide range of CNC milling machines to choose from, you’ll find the perfect fit your application. From versatile, cost-efficient solutions for general milling applications to fast, sophisticated 3D milling machines ideal for tight-tolerance and high-speed jobs, we’ve got you covered.

All milling machines are inspected to the highest standards with laser-compensation inspections on all axes; dynamic spindle balancing to calibrate spindle displacement, speed and acceleration; circularity and geometrical accuracy calibration to ensure precise 3D movement; and painstaking precision alignment.

MCV Series

MC Milling MVC


The MCV Series is the ultimate value machine, as a great general-purpose machining center featuring a 12,000-RPM spindle standard and CAT 40 tooling. These CAT-40 machines can also include ZF Gearbox, giving it the ability to achieve four times the torque of a standard motor.

The MCV-B machines are available in a CAT-50 size with roller pack ways in the X, Y-axis and box ways in the Z-axis. The spindles are setup with a 10,000-RPM motor and ZF Gearbox as standard equipment. The MCV performs well in a wide variety of applications, including but not limited to fixtures, mold bases and secondary operations.

TV Series

Vertical Machining Center TV Series


The TV Series features a 24,000-RPM high-speed spindle driven by a 4.6-kw motor. BBT30 dual-contact tooling delivers extra rigidity and better Z-axis depth control during operation. The fast and simple tool changes provide multi-axis machining all in one setup. The features of the ATC doesn’t stop there: Advanced PLC software and Mitsubishi controls drive a bi-directional tool magazine.

A CAM-driven tool magazine allows rotation, accuracy and smooth motion even while large tools are loading. When you need fast, accurate drilling and tapping, you need the TV series form MC Milling.

DV Series

MC Milling Diamond Cut Series VMC Model DV-1000

General Job Shop

The DV Series is built for general-purpose machining, featuring a 15,000-RPM Direct Drive Spindle. This machine can accommodate smaller cutting tools so you can perform more intricate milling work, in addition to your general shop work

The DV series is a popular machine among job shops because of its performance across a wide range of applications. Find your competitive advantage with the DV series from MC Milling.

DM Series

MC Milling VMV DM 1000

Mold & Die

The DM Series is great in mold and die applications and excels in close-tolerance work. The 20,000-RPM HSK-A63 spindle features a more rigid and accurate tooling system with the flexibility to do fine, intricate work

The 32-position automatic tool changer will provide better tool-life management and increase the machines’ productivity. Complete with linear scales and roller guide-ways, the DM series is the machine you want when performance matters most.